Monday, January 21, 2013

it seems to me

It seems to me life seems to be going great. . . it seems. I try not to think about all of the fun things I need to buy. . . 

I have three outfits (Maybe 4) I need some more and well that is about it (seriously that is all I have). Wait! I have wool socks! Merry Christmas to me I got them is packages of three, they are way too comfy and the colors pretty. 
Seriously though, there is supposed a manual for this. Where do I find the good deals for luggage, clothing, -60 degree coat and boots, wrist watch (maybe a couple), bag (for everything)(Is it true I can't have a backpack?), well I need everything. 
If I can take off a friday someday I will travel up north for a weekend of crazy shopping, Ice fishing and family. Its crazy how long I have not been up north (since like thanksgiving). (That is so not me!). if it were up to me (and gas was practically free) I would be up there almost every weekend. . . it seems like eternity since I have seen everyone. 
I have found that living in St. George it conveniently does not snow (like ever). Due to this connivance I have not been able to find anything warmer than a zip up hoodie, and a black peacoat. Ordering online freaks me out (a picture may not be what it seems) What if I buy something and it does not fit right or its truly ugly in person. (Yes I ordered an awful looking shirt and shorts and they are on their way to being returned... Well they will be as soon as I mail them) Working all day really kills the fact that shopping in SLC or in places with snow wont happen anytime soon. Don't get me wrong I love my job, I have a great boss, lots of friends and support and where I work and I don't even have snow. I don't like snow, its wet, cold, terrifying to drive in, wet, cold. . . Cold. . . COLD! 
Do you understand what I am saying? let me put it another way. St. George is a beautiful desert in the mornings we get a nice layer of frost on the windshields, Water buckets turn to ice and my fingers freeze off from holding the scoop or pitch fork for the animals. At night I am so cold I have multiple large blankets on me and a heater in my room (the house is maybe 72 or 73 degrees). I sleep in the basement (it is much colder than the main floor or the upstairs.) With all of this I should be just fine, However, I freeze (Im not cold I freeze!). How in the world am I going to survive -60 degree weather? until that point, I... I.. I guess I will have figure it out. . . Well if you have any idea's I would love them. Any tips and tricks for preparing? I want to hear your thoughts. . . Please! 
Have a wonderful day and well enjoy the weather (Unless its -60 than good luck!)

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