Sunday, January 27, 2013

When life gives or lemons, make lemon aid. . . or ice cream

It seems to me that everyone is doing something. I know over 20 people who are going on missions, another 30 people are getting married having babies and raising families and than I have the focused friends who are going to school, have a career and are living out their dreams. Than there is me, the one who is going on a mission, but will never find the chance to pack, shop, make lists and well prepare. Does anyone else feel this way?
This week my parents have been out of town so on top of working full time I come home make dinner, do homework attempt to clean and end up going to bed. Grams came down to help me in the middle of the week and she has been amazing! I feel so blessed that my parents gave me the opportunity to spend so much time with the girls. We have played operation, read stories, watched movies, giggles and had some long talks. We have grown closer and I love that feeling!
Last night I attempted to make ice cream. O boy that was just short of a disaster. it tasted great, but it never froze. Than when I gave up and stuck it in the freezer, it separated. Today the girls mixed it up and poured on lots of toppings. well I will have to try again (different recipe... I think yes). Hmm O
 The greatest argument between Summer and Tara happened this week. Tara wanted to play sisters (house) and Summer wanted to play loving family (dolls). The two fought over this for a long time until they agreed that everyone in the house should vote on what they played. They went in search of voters and when they came to Josh Summer said "Josh what should we choose, sisters or loving family" Josh: "Both" Summer: "No you can only choose one!" He chose a loving family (I don't think he realized it was games) Well Tara lost and boy was she mad. She stormed out crying she picked up the vacuum and started to vacuum the floor. The next thing I knew she had taken a rag and scrubbed the floor (under the rug too!). They finally settled on Cinderella and they cleaned the house together (It was so nice). Well I should probably get ambitious. My week might have been busy but it has been great! I can't wait to get out and serve the lord. I will be up north shopping in a couple of weeks (Hopefully I can finnish packing) and than a few weeks after that I will be off (how crazy is that?) Well Peace, Love and have a good day! 

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